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Wings of Morning : The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down over Germany in World War II - Thomas Childers

This book is about the crew of a B-24 of the 8th Air Force, written by the nephew of one of the crewmen. It is written with a great deal of passion and eloquence and takes the reader through the training and overseas duty of the crew via personal letters of the men and official documents. It is a poignant story of real men who met a tragic and heroic end. I really felt I got to know them. I would rank it as a modern "classic" of World War II aviation on a par with Bert Stiles "Serenade to the Big Bird". I would highly recommend "Wings of Morning." Recommended by Bob Wilhelm (wilhelm@dailynews.net)

Perseus Pr; ISBN: 0201407221  List price: $13.00  Amazon price: $10.40   Order Here!


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Aces Against Japan : The American Aces Speak - Eric M. Hammel

Eric Hammel presents a collection of personal stories, giving the historical background for each of them as well as some information about the pilot who lived them. 40 aces remember, each in his own distinctive way, the pressure, the pain, the determination and the courage involved in the Pacific war. Astonishing, gripping and instructive.

Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671529080   List price: $6.99  Amazon price: $5.59  Order Here!


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Aces Against Japan II : The American Aces Speak, Vol. III - Eric M. Hammel

The sequel to Aces Against Japan brings thirty-eight more stories from Army, Navy, Marine, and Flying Tiger aces. Eric Hammel does more than just interviewing the aces: He brings all of the background elements that help understand the context in which these missions were fought. Read an excerpt here.

Pacifica Pr; ISBN: 0935553142   List price: $29.95  Amazon price: $20.97   Order Here!


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Aces at War:  The American Aces Speak, Vol IV - Eric M. Hammel

The last volume of the American Aces Speak series brings another thirty-eight first-person accounts by American fighter aces, but this time it does not focus only on World War II, but on the Israeli War of Independence, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War as well. All of these stories are, once again, very impressive and highly fascinating. Read an excerpt here.

Pacifica Pr; ISBN: 093555324X   List price: $29.95  Amazon price: $20.97  Order Here!


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Flight of the Forgotten - Mark A. Vance

"Flight of the Forgotten" is the true story of fifteen American airmen who were brutally killed when a bomb aboard the B-24 "Liberator" they were ferrying back to the United States exploded. The book is a tribute to the men and their families. Submitted by the author, Mark A. Vance ( MAV737007@aol.com ).

Venture Pr; ISBN: 1878853252   Amazon price: $24.95   Order Here!