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Ghosts of the Skies : Aviation in the Second World War  - Philip Makanna

Representing eight years of Philip Makanna's best color photographs are 117 brilliant color prints with 66 extraordinary archival duotones from the war and a text drawn from the historic words of the time. This is surely one of the finest collections of aviation photographs ever assembled. Ghosts Homepage.

Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811807428    List Price: $40.00   Amazon Price:  $28.00    Order Here!


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Ghosts : Vintage Aircraft of World War II - Philip Makanna

Another collection of Philip Makanna's photographs, famous for his work on restored World War Two combat aircraft.

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WWII War Eagles: Global Air War in Original Color - Jeffrey L. Ethell, Warren Bodie (Editor), Bob Boyd (Illustrator)

This book is one of the best of the series featuring original World War 2 color photographs. The late Jeff Ethell found a very large quantity of those pictures, and the ones he is presenting here are astonishing by their quality and their historical value.

Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0962935921   List Price: $39.95   Amazon Price: $27.97    Order Here!


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Air Command : Fighters and Bombers of WWII  - Jeffrey L. Ethell, Robert T. Sand

Another richly illustrated guide covering both sides of the conflict.

Motorbooks Intl (Short Disc); ISBN: 0760306001  Amazon Price: $34.95     Order Here!


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Fighter Command/American Fighters in Original WWII Color  -  Jeffrey L. Ethell, Robert T. Sand

Superb colour photographs of a variety of fighters taken during the war. Some are so good it looks like they've been taken yesterday...

Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0879384735   List Price: $29.95  Amazon Price: $20.97    Order Here!


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Wings of War : Fighting WWII in the Air - Jeffrey L. Ethell

Another excellent book from the late Jeff Ethell featuring more than 180 original WW2 colour photos!

United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557502498   Amazon Price: $39.95    Order Here!

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Warbirds Worldwide Directory: An International Survey of the World's Warbird Population - Chapman Goodall

The famous directory of most of the surviving warbirds. Even though this edition was published in 1996, and is no longer completely up-to-date, it is still very interesting to read about the histories of those planes we love...

Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1870601467   Amazon price: $44.95   Order Here!