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The Dynamite Gang : The 367th Fighter Group in World War II - Richard Groh

A very good book with many photographs about the history of the 367th, from its activation in July 1943, through its action over Europe to its deactivation in November 1945. The group used P-38s, then P-47s. I think that this title is out of print, but you still should be able to get a copy at the 367th Fighter Group Homepage.

Charm Publishing, ISBN: 0816897700   Order Here!


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249 At War: The Authorized History of the RAF's Top Claiming Squadron of WWII - Brian Cull

A very appreciated book, relating the history of Squadron 249 without simply describing the major operations and facts and the results obtained. Brian Cull introduces us to every aspect of this squadron's life.

Seven Hills Book Distributors; ISBN: 1898697493   List price: $44.95 Amazon price: $31.47  Order Here!


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Warpath Across the Pacific : The Illustrated History of the 345th Bombardment Group During WWII  - Lawrence J. Hickey

Heres a great book on unit history, Warpath across the Pacific, its an outfit I was attached to off and on from 1943 to the end of the war in the Pacific. It seemed that as b25 outfits got battered and replacement planes and crews were few and far between outfits would kind of borrow and sometimes not replace planes from other groups  - anyway we were in and out of the 345th, we were the borrowee. Warpath across the Pacific is their story and from start to finish is a testament to the greatness of one fine bunch of airmen. It is good reading.  Recommended by David Getlin ( dgetlin@nis.net ).

International Research & Publishing; ISBN: 9996043657   Order Here!